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What is it that makes the human body such a sensitive topic ? 
When I was younger , conversations around my body and other people's bodies were far from natrual.  It was smething that made me strangely uncomfortable and caused me to fall victim to the impression that body image and identity can easily become taboo in lots of areas of people's lives. 

As I grow in finding ways to be comfortable in my own skin, I develope conversations around navigating the body and our experience around growing into it and using it as a vessel for natrual expression. This series works as method for me and my younger self as a reminder that my body holds my stories and sharing that with others helps me to feel more in tune with my struggles, insecurities and growth amongst societal standards. 

The physical size of the prints and collage work as a way to replicate the intimacy of each subjects feature. They are each hand written on by the individuals photographed, and work as a growing narrative of shared stories and feelings.